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    Boron ~ 30 mg


    Food grade Sodium TetraBorate to treat Boron Deficiency, which can cause arthritis, calcium build up in the blood, loss of calcium in bones and teeth and ultimately hormone reduction. Boron supplementation can naturally alleviate the pain of arthritis, pull calcium out of the blood and put it back where it belongs ~ in the bones and teeth. Try Boron today. What have you got to lose other than the pain and inflammation?



  • Fenbendazole capsules


    We use only the highest quality Pharmaceutical Grade Fenbendazole for Cancer and Morgellon’s Disease

    • These capsules contain no fillers
    • These capsules contain no additives
    • Each capsule is either 222 mg of pure Fenbendazole or
    • 444 mg of pure Fenbendazole


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    Ivermectin 12 mg capsules


    Ivermectin capsules 12 mg each.




  • Lufenuron 800 mg capsules


    Protocol is 24 capsules the first month and then 12 capsules maintenance dose each month after that.

    For Morgellon’s we recommend 96 capsules in 96 days. A maintenance protocol can be used after that.

    Timing is not critical. Take one whenever you are eating a meal with fat in it.



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