Shipping and Handling typically ships via United States Postal Service with First Class service.

We offer both domestic and international rates and transport, at competitive prices to cover our actual costs.

While we do our best to keep up with orders, We cannot guarantee your order will process the day ordered!

The vast majority of orders are processed on the day following the day the order is placed; if, however, there is a backlog or some other problem with the order, it will ship the following day.

The shipping charges set out below are for each shipment, no matter how many products are in that shipment.

Domestic Shipping

First Class Mail with a tracker number for $6.95 per order. Your order is delivered in 7-10 business days, but typically in under 4 days in the US. Please note that we have free shipping for over $200. Just activate the discount on the order page.

All  products are produced near Corpus Christi, Texas and shipped out of Austin, Texas.

International Shipping

We are happy to ship orders Internationally, as long as you understand that the delivery will be slow. For some reason, the more they charge, the slower it gets.

We no longer ship to Canada. They have refused the Ivermectin and our address has been flagged so that none of the products are now delivered. We are very sorry to our Canadian friends.

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