Return Policy

Prescription Medications are Non-Returnable!

Prescription medications are treated differently from other merchandise one might purchase on the internet. Online consumers often choose with whom they do business based on that company’s return policy. In the typical setting, an online consumer should expect a liberal return policy from the online merchant. If it doesn’t fit, work, it’s the wrong color, or for any reason at all, just return your purchase and get your money back.

UNFORTUNATELY, online pharmacies are by law, prohibited from offering such a liberal return policy.

There are two exceptions to this general policy!


* If we do not send you what you ordered!

* Example ~~ You ordered Fenbendazole and we sent you Lufenuron!



* The labels get mixed up on a package and you receive another person's order!

* Example ~~ Your name is Mary Smith. You receive products for Marty Smith.

If you experience either of these two possible situations simply call our toll free number 888.882.8844 and we will arrange to pick up the mistake, and reship the correct order to you at our expense.

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