Pronounced: Lu-FEN-u-ron





Loading Dose for the first month

Set out 24 capsules, take one capsule per day, along with any meal with fat in it. When the 24 are gone, skip the rest of the month

Start monthly maintenance






First Month take the Loading Dose (see left)

plus 6 additional months of treatment

of 12 capsules during each month, usually on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Repeat each month






First Month take the Loading Dose (see left)

plus 2 additional months of treatment of 12 capsules during each month, usually on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

             Repeat each month

For the treatment of Candida in large mammals of approximately 120-200 pounds.
Lufenuron Capsules are 800 mg each with no filler and no additives, just pure Lufenuron

For 200-300 pounds, take 30 capsules for your loading dose and 15 capsules each month for maintenance.


“Take 96 capsules in 96 days, one per day along with a meal that has some fat in it.”

Click here to see how much fat is in different foods. These 96 capsules in about 3 months, take you through at least two full life cycles of any parasite and gives good clearing of mold, yeast and fungus. Click here to learn more about Morgellon’s Disease.



Lufenuron is a chitin inhibitor originally used in the control of fleas in pets. It was soon realized that it also inhibited, Candida, mold, yeast and fungus in all mammals. It helps control fungus and many parasites in Morgellon’s Disease. Chitin makes the cell walls of mold, yeast and fungus hard. By stopping the formation of Chitin, it pokes holes in the hard cell walls, allowing our own immune systems to get in there, kill the mold or fungus, and clear it out.
Our General Use package at $98.97 is enough for three months, which compares to CandidaCellWallSuppressor three month treatment for $117.00 Our Starter Pack at $56.97 is equal to more than two loose powder packets from, but that is loose powder that you have to measure out and mix in your food instead of just taking a capsule. Dr. McCombs Candida Plan is $592 for the Complete Plan WholeApproach — Phase 1 to 5 is $1,240 Don’t be fooled. We offer pharmacy grade Lufenuron for much less.

Lufenuron FAQ​

Lufenuron is an inert compound, that acts only on lower forms of life up to about shrimp and lobsters. It affects only life forms that contain chitin such as Candida fungus and hard bodied insects.

It is not broken down by the warm blooded body into any other chemical form, and it does not cause any reaction in mammals or anything above shrimp or lobsters.

It is completely non-toxic, pharmaceutical grade, and safe for all mammals.

Lufenuron affects Morgellons in a variety of ways. Most people who have been chronically ill, will have had a leaky gut. What leaks out? Candida, which is not only native to our guts, but in fact, essential.

But once the Candida hits the bloodstream, it changes from a harmless yeast to a hydra-tentacle fungus that will colonize most organs. That is where the havoc begins. Get rid of the overgrown of Candida now, with Lufenuron.

Many people with Morgellons, in desperation, have scratched, or physically or chemically damaged their skin. This is an invitation for secondary fungal infestation. Many parasites feed on this skin fungus, exacerbating the problem. Lufenuron can start to clear this as well as jock itch, vaginal yeast issues, ringworm, toenail or fingernail fungus.

Yes. By inhibiting the formation of chitin, it can kill and eliminate a number of parasites, specifically those with hard outer shells (made of chitin, of course), but even many soft bodied insects that have mouth parts made of chitin.

A single capsule or dose is seldom effective, which is why the first treatment covers at least a full month. It is important to spread out the treatment over at least one to three months and our most successful protocol of Morgellons is 96 capsules in 96 days. This takes us through at least 2 full life cycles of whatever parasite might be “bugging” us. At that point you can drop to the maintenance dose of 12 capsules per month.

If there is still improvement taking place, one should continue to take Lufenuron every month until there is no more change. For a major systemic infection of Candida, this can take up to six months, and some people take the lower maintenance dose of 12 capsules every month for years, so that they never get a Systemic Candida or parasite infection back again.  If you have dealt with your leaky gut, then a course of Lufenuron should be plenty. If you still have intestinal issues, then stay on the Lufenuron to remain healthy, while working to heal the gut.

Always take Lufenuron with a meal with fat in it. Approximately 8 grams of fat is sufficient for one capsule. Read your labels to see how much fat is in different foods. A tablespoon of peanut butter, a slice of avocado, most meats, an egg yolk, a handful of nuts, you get the idea.

Lufenuron is pretty forgiving. Simply take the missed dose at the next meal that you have with fat in it. It is not a problem even if you take say, 12 capsules in one day, except that it is better to be sure that it is absorbed properly with dietary fats or oils. It is fat soluble and requires to be mixed with fat to be absorbed into the body. That is why we suggest that it be spread out over several days.

Lufenuron inhibits the formation of chitin. Chitin is used only by primitive organisms. It affects mold, yeast, fungus and a variety of parasites, but never mammals.

Fenbendazole is also used for parasites, but by a totally different mechanism. It disrupts the formation of microtubules, the microscopic path for nutrition to get into the cell. Not all cells have microtubules, but many soft bodied parasites like intestinal worms do have these pathways. Ironically, many cancer cells also exhibit this access to the cells and Fenbendazole is now being recommended for much cancer treatment.

Lufenuron affects the parasites either by inhibiting the formation of chitin, or indirectly by killing the fungus that parasites feed on. It is a relatively slow kill, over days.

Nitenpyram kills blood sucking insects like mites and fleas very quickly with 90% dead within about 30 minutes. But it has no residual effect and kills only the adults feeding on blood. It is safe enough to take every day, but is better if taken every 3 to 5 days instead. Do not overdose more than the protocol recommends.

Lufenuron itself has no side effects whatsoever, and has proven to be safe at many times the recommended dose. However, if there is a large infestation of Parasites or Candida Fungus, and it dies off quickly, the body can have a hard time dealing with, and eliminating, the resulting toxic waste.

This is called a Herxheimer Reaction or Die-off. Symptoms of such a reaction can include:

  • Feeling like you have the flu
  • Headache or “Foggy Brain”
  • Gas and Bloating
  • Flatulence
  • Constipation or Diarrhea
  • Joint Pain, Muscle Pain or Body Aches
  • Sore Throat
  • Depression, Anger or Anxiety
  • General Exhaustion, Fatigue or Sleepiness
  • Chills or Sweating

As your body works to detoxify, remember that the worse the symptoms, the more important it was to get rid of your Parasites and Systemic Candida.

If the Lufenuron kills off the parasites and fungus faster than the body can clean out the resulting toxic wastes, you can get die-off. If this happens, stop taking the Lufenuron and let the body catch up. It should not last more than a couple of days. Once the body is feeling better again, then resume taking the Lufenuron until all of the capsules that are recommended are taken. There is VERY seldom a second herx reaction.

Yes, it is safe to take with other antifungals, like Diflucan, and there is some evidence that taking them together is synergistic, making the Diflucan work better together, so that you can take it for a shorter period of time, helping to avoid organ damage that is associated with long term use of Diflucan.

Lufenuron is sold in two different forms. One is for agricultural use to keep mold and fungus down on crops, and kill hard bodied insects. This is 5% Lufenuron with 95% other pesticides and poisons. This is NEVER sold for use in animals.

The form that we use, and sell, is pharmaceutical grade pure Lufenuron. In fact, the reason that our capsule size is for 800 mg is because that is exactly how much fits in the right sized capsule. There is no additive or filler or anything unnatural or extra in our capsules. They are simply pure Lufenuron.

We sell only pure pharmaceutical grade Lufenuron.

A good healthy diet is always a good idea. Digestive Candida can get out of hand from taking antibiotics and/or eating a diet high in sugars. Cutting back or eliminating sugar is encouraged, but digestive Candida Yeast is seldom the problem. It is Systemic Candida Fungus, that has escaped the digestive system and set up shop in different organs in the body, that starts to destroy the body from the inside out. This Fungus is not affected by dietary sugars. So, eliminating sugar will only affect the more benign gut Candida yeast.

A healthy diet is important, but even cutting out sugar totally will not clear the body of Systemic Candida. For that you need Lufenuron.

Lufenuron is used to treat many internal parasites, such as worms, and external parasites like fleas on dogs and cats, flukes and lice on koi fish and gold fish. It is safe to put in the water that captive fish swim in.

It is beneficial against anything requiring cysts, like Lyme bacteria that encysts through part of its life cycle.

Lufenuron is used to treat some forms of Morgellon’s Disease. See the next question.

Lufenuron is used to treat the fungus associated with cancer. Cancer cells product lots of acidic waste, like lactic acid. The fungus arrives, likes the acidic environment, and sets up shop inside the cancer tumor. The fungus produces a biofilm to protect itself from our immune systems, and coincidentally protecting the tumor in the process. The Lufenuron breaks down that fungus, and its biofilm, exposing the tumor to our immune systems, making all the difference. Read more here.

There is some evidence that the improvement that many people get from Lufenuron is its elimination of parasites, rather than from the suspected yeast or fungus. It can get both, but some people might have actually had parasites. And vice versa. In treating for Parasites, some people have fungus instead or in addition. The Lufenuron does both flawlessly.

Morgellon’s is not actually a disease, but more a myriad of symptoms that get classified as Morgellons. There are special instructions for a Morgellons infestation. Morgellons is particularly difficult to treat, partly because it is so misunderstood, or even ignored by doctors, and partly because there is not a good protocol guaranteed to work in every circumstance.

For Morgellon’s Disease, we recommend 96 capsules in 96 days. This takes a patient through at least two full life cycles of whatever parasite or organism is bothering them.

This will help enormously for a wide variety of issues including mold infestation, yeast on the skin, fungal colonization of various organs, parasite assault, and so much more.

If one does not find full relief in those 96 days (especially when including the Nitenpyram), then there are additional issues that need to be dealt with, such as opportunistic infections or Lyme and its co-infections.

Consider the excellent book, How to Get Your Life Back by Richard Kuhns.

Lufenuron is not as good on toenail fungus because the active fungus does not come in contact with the blood stream. Since the original fungus did come from an infestation inside the body, it is still a good idea to clear the Systemic Candida with the Lufenuron, but you need more for the toenails.

Fortunately, the best treatment is good old-fashioned vinegar. Dilute it somewhere between 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water and 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water. Fungus lives in a very narrow pH range, and the vinegar (or even very diluted bleach) can kill it off.
Soak the feet first time for about 30 minutes. After that, just dip the toenails in the solution after a shower or bath, or before going to bed at night, or get a spray bottle and spray the nails any of those times. It can take up to a year for the big toenail to grow out, but you will start to see clear attachment at the cuticle, and the nail will grow out from there.
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